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i solve problems through storytelling. 

photo by Jo-Anne McArthur

photo by Jo-Anne McArthur

Enjoyable to work with, combining calm demeanor with passionate personality. Animated speaker and performer. Expert organizational skills. Accomplished in launching campaigns and building start-ups. Familiar with grassroots methods as well as innovative social media. Experienced in marketing campaigns and public image. Interested in using skills for the greater good.


Donald Vincent also known as Mr. Hip is a poet, educator, musician, and founder of le pamplemuse™, a content development platform dedicated to spreading the awareness of vegan companies. Under @le_pamp, Donald also created ‘That’s So Vegan’, a visual project merging creativity and education on plant-based foods and products with uplifting information on vegan lifestyles. He can now be found teaching English Composition for UCLA’s Writing Programs. He recently completed working as the Community Outreach Coordinator for PEN America traveling throughout the country organizing press freedom advocacy events and programming. Donald also contributed content for Wellvyl, a wellness organization dedicated to redefining the concept of wellness and making it accessible for all. Donald learned technical writing and program management after working as an Emergency Management Program Specialist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Donald enjoys using storytelling as an instrument for change and awareness of advancing an understanding of justice and compassion. He earned his MFA from Emerson College in Creative Writing and a BA in Writing and Public Relations from Loyola University Maryland. His poems have been published in a variety of different literary magazines and journals. His music can be found everywhere that music is sold and streamed online. He is originally from Washington, DC and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. 



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Copywriting ($75/hour)

Editing/Proofreading ($60/hour)

Ghostwriting ($150/hour)

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Tutoring ($100/hour)

Resume & Cover Letters ($50/hour)

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