Colette (2018 film) Review

Colette: The Story of Women Supporting Men Since…

Colette was such a remarkable time period film set in the thriving and fashionable city of Paris during the 1890’s. I’m not the biggest fan of Kiera Knightly; however, I was won over by her portrayal of one of France’s best authors– Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. Dominic West, everyone’s favorite television police officer, somehow charms viewers with his English accent while playing French literary manager Henry Gauthier-Villars who goes by the pen name Willy West.


In a time where women did not have the right to vote in France, women were creating some of the most beautiful art known to mankind, but it was behind the scenes. This film while over a hundred years ago in regards to storytelling seems to keep repeating the same story over and over today. This film not only shows that love is love, knowing no gender, but it also shows that powerful, women constantly set precedent for future generations on how to be great.

Just one gripe with the film– I wish the characters spoke actual french for a film set in Paris.