Long Shot (2019) Film Review

‘Long Shot’ is Not Your Momma’s Rom-Com

A Movie Review

The awkward, political love affair between Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan delights our first childhood crushes.

Photo Courtesy of Hector Alvarez/Lionsgate

Photo Courtesy of Hector Alvarez/Lionsgate

When journalist Fred Flarsky, played by Seth Rogan, keeps his integrity intact and quits his job after his online paper is purchased by a huge media conglomerate (think Alden Global Capital), all seems lost. His investigation and infiltration into the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi community sets the tone for this political satire. Fred is only a failure because he values the importance of a free, unrestrained press.

In the midst of his fun-employed downward spiral with his Christian, black, and Republican best friend played by O‘Shea Jackson Jr., Fred attends a party with the Secretary of State and next presidential candidate, Charlotte Fields, played by Charlize Theron. After getting a mansplained, thumbs-up to run for president by President Chamber (Bob Odenkirk) looking to resign to start his career in Hollywood, Field’s image plays an important part to her like-ability and campaign- her wave is awkward as hell and her stunning essence is not enough to make eating skewers and finger foods look presidential or sexy. 

It’s not that big of a long shot that these two hit it off though. Fields babysat Flarsky in grade school and was also his next door neighbor. They shared a moment together that drives much of the laughter throughout this film. After accepting a job as her speechwriter, the two travel the world, experience near-death situations, and fall in love.  

Being a powerful woman in the political realm has its difficulties that the movie succeeds at showing. Writers Dan Sterling (The Interview) and Liz Hannah (The Post) make a great comedic duo. The movie gives off the vibes of The Interview meets The Post too. It joins the ranks of other movies like Big Sick, When Harry Met Sally, and There’s Something About Mary. You’re guaranteed a few laughs at the expense of Flarsky falling down stairs and windows, or a drug-virgin Fields stopping World War 3 while high on Molly.  

‘Long Shot’ is a successful film. It made me want to look up my grade school crush on Facebook to see how she was doing. Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron share such a magnetic chemistry on screen that it would seem like a long shot if the two didn’t fall in love. Prepare for some hearty laughs. This is not a pity-chuckle movie.